About WP Doctors

WP Doctors - in a Nutshell

WP Doctors (a.k.a. WordPress Doctors) was launched in October 2010 to help individuals and business to get the most out of their WordPress-based websites.

We know that once you have a website up and running, you just want your website to get you results (usually by way of more business, more sales or just more potential leads).

The beauty of a WordPress website is that it’s very easy to maintain yourself (without a developer). That’s probably the reason why you chose WordPress for your website (or why it was recommended to you). You’ll also probably know that WordPress is very easy to extend, particularly with the massive number of freely available WordPress plugins you can install.

So, in a nutshell, we work with you to make changes to your WordPress website that saves you time or makes you more money. Find out a little more about our services ยป.

About the Team

Dan Harrison

Dan Harrison - WP Developer

Dan Harrison, MD and Chief Techie

WP Doctors is led by Dan Harrison, a developer who’s been working with WordPress since 2005 (i.e. version 1.5 of WordPress!). Dan’s experience was gained through building his own successful websites with WordPress.

Dan is known for his metaphors and ability to explain complex concepts in plain English, which is why he is one of the trainers for Eastleigh Borough Council’s Southern Entrepreneurs. Southern Entrepreneurs is an organisation dedicated to helping small businesses to grow through affordable training courses and networking.

When not playing with WordPress, Dan is often going to live comedy gigs, learning to cook Thai and Chinese food or watching (lots of) movies at the local cinema.

Moon Quddus

Moon Quddus, Trainee WP Developer

Moon Quddus, Trainee WP Developer

Moon is the latest member of the team, who’s a 2nd year student from Aberystwyth University. Moon is doing an Industrial Year placement at WP Doctors and returns to do his 3rd year of University in September 2014.

Moon joined us in July 2013, and is very quickly learning the ropes.

When Moon is not working, Moon designs costumes for comic book-style Cosplay and reading up on Japanese culture.

Our Associates

Although most of our projects are developed in-house, we do work with a number of graphic designers and developers for some of our projects. We are always looking to work with new developers and designers, so if you’d like to work with us, please get in touch.