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I was recently approached by the team at content-writing service Copify to review their Copify WordPress plugin. I’ve used many content-writing services over the years, so it was a great chance to use Copify once again. So here’s my review of the plugin and the service.

Once installed, the Copify plugin requires that you have a Copify account first, which I’ve had for a while now. You’ll also need some credit.

Installing the plugin is no different to any other WordPress plugin. You can install directly from WordPress as usual. You then need to copy your account API key from the main Copify website, into the settings of the plugin. This takes seconds, and is very easy.

1. Creating an order

Copify - Ordering a job

Copify – Ordering a job

Creating an order is very simple, you just choose your title, content category, word count, quality level, and your requirements. The requirements are incredibly important, and it pays to be clear and detailed.

From my experience of content writers, do not expect them to do quality research. It’s better to get the research done elsewhere, and then provide that research for the writer. The writer will do a far better job of writing the article if you can point to specific information that you want them to use in your article.

Plugin Suggestion: There are a lot of categories to search through. Having a search for categories using AJAX would be much quicker and easier to use. Currently, it’s a time consuming finding the right category.

2. Place the order

Once the order has been placed, you’ll see the article as being open on the summary page.

Copify - Job Summary - Open Jobs

Copify – Job Summary – Open Jobs

Once your article is complete, you’ll receive an email that it’s been completed. You’ll also see that it’s complete in the summary page.

Copify - Job - Summary - Complete

Copify – Job – Summary – Complete

Copify Menu Suggestion

Copify Menu Suggestion

Plugin Suggestion: Use the normal WordPress count in the admin menu to show that an article is pending approval. In the same way as plugin updates and comments. This makes it an obvious visual cue that something needs doing.

3. Approve the written article

Approving an article is really easy. The interface is actually really good, as you can easily view the original brief to check the finished article against your requirements. This article was excellent (content hidden in screenshot), so I just needed to approve it. The ‘Approve & Move to Drafts’ is a nice touch, as you know exactly what’s going to happen.

Copify - Reviewing an article

Copify – Reviewing an article

4. Give the writer some feedback…

Finally, give the writer a rating on the article quality. Since the article was fine, I didn’t need to request a re-write and therefore the feedback I had for the writer was 5-stars.

Copify - Author Feedback

Copify – Author Feedback

5. The verdict?

Actually, the plugin is exceptionally well-written from a usability point of view. The plugin worked as expected, and didn’t cause any issues that I could see. Copify is an excellent writing service, ideal if you want top-quality content. So it’s great to have a fully integrated solution within your WordPress blog, saving the hassle of having to copy and paste articles between platforms. Only a couple of suggestions for the interface, which I’ve already covered.

Nice work guys!

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Written by Dan Harrison

Dan Harrison is the lead developer and director of WP Doctors Ltd, a web development agency specialising in writing bespoke tools for WordPress-based websites that save time, hassle and money. You can follow Dan on Twitter here: @DanJHarrison and WP Doctors here: @wpdoctors.
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