Would you like to fix the most common mistakes on your WordPress website?

Sometimes, it feels like running a website is a full time job! Fact is, the website is there to help us get more business, not to eat up all of our time. However, how do you know where to focus your time?

We’ve compiled the top 11 common mistakes with WordPress sites – and how to fix them into a free eBook.

We’ve spared the technical jargon, and made it really easy to understand. The booklet contains ideas and tricks for:

  • 1.

    Helping visitors find what they need - by making your website easier to navigate.

  • 2.

    Improving your website for search engines - which helps you to attract the right visitors from the search engines.

  • 3.

    How to make it easier for visitors to contact you – so that you can start the process of establishing a business relationship

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"really enjoyed reading Dan's tips"

Even as a fellow web developer, I have really enjoyed reading Dan's tips and thinking about how they can benefit my business. 

Katie Keith
Web Designer, Barn2

BONUS! Free Weekly WordPress Tips

Through WP Doctors, we’re finding that we’re often helping people beyond just creating or improving a website. We’re often giving our clients ideas on how to do things differently to save time or make more money in their business in general.

So, we’ve decided to share our 10 best WordPress tips through a weekly email.

The tips are very simple, but they do get you thinking a little bit too. And they are easy to implement, even if you're not technical!


Why are we giving all this away for free?

This is an easy one. We want to show you that we’re more than just a web development agency.

As you become more successful by implementing these tips, the more you’ll want to extend your website. So, perhaps one day, you’ll decide you’d like to work with us to extend your WordPress website. But first, we’re going to help you with some genuinely useful stuff.

Example WordPress Tips

  • 1.

    Learn how to draw visitor attention to special offers

  • 2.

    Learn how to make your website more trustworthy

  • 3.

    Find out how to build links to your website

  • 4.

    Simple methods of getting more visitors to your website.


What others say about the eBook and Tips...

"the 'why didn't I think of that!' time-savers"

"Since receiving the weekly tips from the WP Doctors we've been able to create faster, powerful and more secure sites for our clients. The tips range from the 'why didn't I think of that!' time-savers, right up to advanced tips that can really get your Wordpress site running on all cylinders.

These tips are essentially for anyone who's working with Wordpress sites."

David Ingram
Head of Search
Bright Digital Ltd
"I have saved them all so I can refer back to them"

"The tips from Dan have been really helpful and I have saved them all so I can refer back to them. Not only do you give some great tips but you also go a bit further and give a couple of examples to guide on ways of putting the tips into practice, which helps with actual implementation.

One of your tips was to use Gravatars and this has worked extremely well for me for recognition purposes across the net."

Jayne Smith
Book Keeping and Business Management Solutions
That's Ideal
"I've made such simple changes"

"The tips in your ebook about the SEO tool to help me make my pages more likely to rank highly on Google and the tips on how to attract business to my site and attract clients to spend more time on the site and make contact with me.

I've made such simple changes but I wouldn't have known to do it without Dan's tips!"

Janice Flynn
US Visa Lawyer Specialist
US Visa Solutions
"The bitesize format of the emails have proved a very manageable way for us to learn..."

"WP Doctors shares actionable tips that have helped us a lot with our WordPress sites.

The "bitesize" format of the emails have proved a very manageable way for us to learn on the go, improve the performance of our sites and gain more visitors, clicks and sales."

Rob Barham