WordPress Theme Design Services

Wordpress Design

We can help with you all aspects relating to the design of your website, from small adjustments to existing WordPress templates to complete redesigns of new WordPress templates.

We work with lots of top web designers who can create spectacular designs. We’ll create a range of designs for you to choose from, and then we’ll turn your favourite choice into a WordPress website for you!

  • Example 1: maybe you’d like a completely new bespoke design?
  • Example 2: perhaps you feel your current website is a little tired, and you want to give it a new fresh look?
  • Example 3: or maybe you have a new logo for your website, and you’d like the design to be updated to match your new brand?
So if you need big changes like a new design, or small changes such a small tweak, then we can help!

Adding Settings and Options to your WordPress Theme

Most WordPress Themes do not have any settings or options. These settings make it easier for you to adjust layouts, colours, fonts, ordering and more, without needing to edit any code!

  • Example 1: perhaps you want to only show certain pages in the menu
  • Example 2: maybe you want to be able to change the colour scheme on certain pages or sections of the website
  • Example 3: perhaps you want to automatically add a newsletter subscription to every article or page
We can add settings and options to your existing WordPress theme so that you can easily adjust the appearance of your website.

WordPress Widgets

Wordpress Widget

Widgets are little boxes of content that typically appear in the sidebar of a WordPress website. Sometimes this widgets can appear in the footer of a website too depending on the theme in use. Widgets are really useful because you can add and change the boxes on your WordPress website without needing to write any code!

Creating New WordPress Widgets

Most current WordPress Themes are now widget friendly, which means you can easily add extra boxes and functionality to your WordPress sidebar. You can change which widgets appear on your sidebar, the order in which they appear, and often these widgets have settings you can change.

  • Example 1: perhaps you want to show off some of your portfolio in a sidebar widget
  • Example 2: maybe you’ve got some special offers you want to display in your sidebar widget
We can create WordPress Widgets that integrate with your existing WordPress plugins or WordPress templates, so that you’re in control of what appears in your website’s sidebar.

Adding new WordPress Widget areas

WordPress Widgets are a great way to add extra functionality to your WordPress-based website, but they are usually restricted to just your sidebar area. Wouldn’t it be useful to have widget areas in different locations?

  • Example 1: perhaps you want to add widgets after your blog posts?
  • Example 2: perhaps you want to add widgets between posts on the front of your website?
We can create new widget areas so that you can add your widgets almost anywhere on your website. We can also add code to style the widget areas to match the rest of your website.

Other things we can help you with

Do you want something changed or fixed we’ve not covered above? To give you a few more ideas of what we’ve done for other clients, here are a few more ideas.

  • Fixing Style Problems – We can fix issues with the style of your website, such as strange colours or misaligned objects in your design.
  • Converting websites to WordPress – So that you can take advantage of all the benefits of using WordPress, we can convert your existing website into WordPress. We can even move all the articles and content over too.
  • Enabling the blog feature on your website – some WordPress websites don’t already have the blog feature enabled, so we can set up the blog area so that you can easily create news articles. A blog helps you improve your website traffic by giving the search engines new content to match up to potential visitors.

Got a WordPress Template you would like creating?

Have a chat with us and we’ll see how we can help you. We’re very friendly and we’re not pushy, and we’ll help even if it means we don’t get the business!

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