WordPress Performance Tuning Service

[headline]Now that website speed plays a factor in website rankings, it’s worth ensuring your WordPress website loads as quickly as possible. However, optimising WordPress for quick rendering times takes much more work than just installing a plugin.[/headline]

WordPress Performance Tuning Service

Why bother with performance tuning?

As broadband speeds increase, we’re consuming far more internet-based content than ever before. By having faster broadband connections, we’re used to having our content load extremely quickly. Current statistics suggest that most users expect a website to load within 3 seconds before they get bored and possibly move on.

Then there are search engines like Google. Google now now uses page loading times to help determine website quality. Therefore a fast loading website is considered a better quality website compared to a slower-loading website. Higher quality websites get better search rankings.

So, speed matters because:

  1. Users expect fast-loading websites
  2. Google gives fast-loading websites better rankings

WordPress is an incredibly versatile tool, but with that flexibility comes with a trade off with performance. In short, the current version of WordPress is pretty slow on most servers. Therefore our WordPress Performance Tuning Service is designed to squeeze every last drop of speed from your WordPress website, without sacrificing your website’s functionality.

How we can help…

Your website will be fine-tuned to load as quickly as possible…
We’ll install one of the popular performance plugins, and then configure it to match your particular website and server. We’ll squeeze every last drop of performance from your WordPress website.
This includes adding caching, compressing images, and compressing all style and script files.
Your website images will be served up at lightning fast speeds using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)…
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) make your files (such as images and scripts) available on servers all over the world. This means that these files are downloaded really quickly as your website loads, because your website visitors automatically get the files from a server geographically closer to them.
Although it sounds complicated, using a CDN is gives your website a massive performance boost. Once we’ve set it all up for you, you don’t need to do anything else.
CDN services do have ongoing fees, but it’s not very expensive. We’ll give you 12 months of free CDN bandwidth. After that, it’s just £25 a year for our ongoing CDN service.
You’ll be spared any techie headaches…
Our technical WordPress specialists will locate and fix any problems with your template and plugins to ensure the website loads as quickly as possible.
You’ll get a report showing the results of WordPress performance tuning…
Once we’ve done the performance tuning, you’ll have a short summary explaining what we did and if we have any recommendations. The report will also show you the page load times before the performance upgrades, and afterwards.
Backups, backups, backups…
We’ll backup your WordPress website before we do the upgrade, and afterwards too. This means your website is completely safe, and can be restored at any time.
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So what’s next?

Here’s how the WordPress performance tuning service works. It’s basically just a 4-step process!

  1. Purchase the WordPress Performance Tuning Service using the button on the right.
  2. We’ll contact you by email requesting: a WordPress admin login and your website FTP details.
  3. We’ll do the performance tweaking of your website at a mutually convenient time (we’ll do our best to meet your choice of timing).
  4. You can then change your passwords to something different once the tuning has been done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do performance tuning for WordPress MultiSite (WPMU)?

Unfortunately no, we do not. Typically WPMU environment prevents us from fully optimising the website, particularly as performance plugins are easily broken by the multi-user environment. Therefore we can only offer performance tuning on stand-alone WordPress websites at this time.

Do you do guarantee a performance improvement?

Unfortunately no, we’re not able to do this. Although we can usually get a speed improvement, we can’t guarantee one. Many people come to us with performance problems when their website is seriously slow (over 10 seconds or longer to load). The reason for this is usually a poorly configured web server, which cannot be resolved with a plugin or performance tweaks.

If you want to see if our performance tuning service would work, then please contact us first.