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Darren Singleton came to WP Doctors wanting to clean up the design of Gifts4Men and to improve the call-to-actions in the important areas of the website. Gifts4Men reviews gadgets and gifts that are perfectly suited to the typical bloke, which is why he wanted a more masculine feel to the design.

What we did to help…

Here are a few of the things we did for the Gifts4Men website.

  • Removed the pink colour scheme, using grey as an alternative.
  • Made the call-to-actions bolder and stand out more (e.g. ‘Read More’).
  • Created an automatic slideshow of the featured products on the website. To show up as featured, Darren just needs to add a tag of ‘featured’ to any of the blog posts. The new code automatically resizes the image and grabs the description to show in the featured box.
  • Created a brand new logo and integrated it with the WordPress blog.
  • Added social media icons to the sidebar.

A New Logo

Gifts4Men - Logo

When the website was created, Gifts4Men had a plain logo that didn’t really represent the topic of the website. One of the requirements we were given was to design a brand new logo with a slightly cartoon-feel to it.

So we organised a logo design contest where we encouraged a number of designers to compete against each other to design a logo. Darren then chose the best logo out of over 30 different designs, and the designer was awarded the prize money.

Using a design contest is our preferred way of creating a fresh new logo, as you can choose the logo you like most from a large number of different designs.

What Darren says about us...

Darren Singleton Gifts4Men
"...produced some amazing results"

"When I required some quick updates performing on Gifts4Men, Dan was quick to respond and offered to do the work at a great price. He organised a logo contest which produced some amazing results and even worked as the middle man between myself and the logo designers to achieve the best result.

He completed the work fast, tracking the time taken to perform each task so that I could see for myself what had been done and continued to support me with subsequent modifications after the work had been completed.

There is no question that I will return to Dan for any future WordPress development work and highly recommend his services to anybody who needs them."