Our WordPress Plugins

Here you can find all of our WordPress Plugins that we have developed. Each of these plugins are designed to save you time or make you money in some way.

My Business Testimonials

Good quality testimonials add a massive boost to trustworthiness to your website, which boosts sales and enquiries. My Business Testimonials is a a WordPress plugin that makes it very simple for business owners to add impressive-looking testimonials to their website, including adding client photos and video testimonials. The plugin includes some great-looking templates too!
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WordPress Portfolio Plugin (WP Portfolio)

The WordPress Portfolio Plugin (otherwise known as WP Portfolio) allows you to showcase your websites and design work by creating automatically generated thumbnails. For websites, the plugin uses Shrink The Web to dynamically generate a thumbnail of the website. You can also use images of your work, which are resized to automatically match the thumbnails of your websites.

Plugin Support

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