"I don’t have to waste time working out how to do it myself"

After engaging Dan's services to help me to maximise the effectiveness of Infusionsoft, it was a no brainer to sign up for his Development Credits. Whenever I need anything done on the Squeeze Page Toolkit, Infusionsoft or even need Wordpress support, I just need to send Dan an email.

It's lovely knowing that I’ve got Dan’s support on hand, so that I don’t have to waste time working out how to do it myself. I've known Dan for years and he always does an excellent job, on time and I'd highly recommend him for anyone who needs help with the techie stuff in their business!

"you get what you pay for and I pay for an expert"

As a business owner I COULD spend time learning how to do the technical stuff for my website. But, it's not the best use of my time. I'm also a big fan of surrounding yourself with experts at the things you could do but shouldn't.

That's why I love working with Dan. He's my 'go-to' techie expert. I can just chat to him, and he'll just sort it for me within a day or so. If I'm stuck on how to change something on the website, Dan will just send me a simple diagram that explains what I need to do, in the simplest way possible.

It's REALLY tough to find a reliable web developer who you can trust to just handle your website stuff. It's even harder to find a web developer who gets marketing, and can sort out all of those fiddly bits with tracking code and CRMs. And Dan helps me with all that stuff and more.

Dan isn't the cheapest, but you get what you pay for and I pay for an expert. Dan is one of my team, as important as my book keeper, accountant and business support. I know he only works with a handful of clients, and he's super-selective with who he works with. I'm really glad that I'm one of those clients.

"Dan's technical and marketing expertise to help me create the right content and make it all work"

As usual Dan Harrison provided the ultimate service in designing, editing and supplying my second eBook, the first has become a real benefit in positioning myself with potential customers and the second book just fills a gap in my marketing tools.

I really appreciate having Dan's technical and marketing expertise to help me create the right content and make it all work with my MailChimp email automation too. He was on time, on budget and successful... there is not much else I can say, thank you Dan for a great service and for all your sage advice.

"Dan is refreshingly easy to work with"

Dan is an excellent WordPress developer, and there are three reasons why I use him rather any other. Firstly, he really knows what he's doing with WordPress. We've used other developers who have put in hacks and workarounds that simply break later. Dan gets it done properly, first time.

Secondly, Dan is very responsive, replying to my feedback and implementing changes and adjustments in hours rather than days.

Lastly, rather than blindly following my ideas, I can rely on Dan to make suggestions and recommendations based on his experience that produce a better end result. A project usually evolves with time, and when things crop up later, Dan is happy to implement tweaks and adjustments to ensure the end result is exactly what it should be. Most of all, Dan is refreshingly easy to work with.

"pragmatic and ingenious solutions"

Having worked with Dan for a number of years, I rely on his deep WordPress expertise for custom coding and tricky technical issues so that I can offer a wider service and better solutions to my own web development clients. By working with Dan, I'm able to provide my clients with better tailored functionality when I'm building and maintaining Wordpress websites.

With Dan, I particularly appreciate that he comes up with pragmatic and ingenious solutions that fit within my clients' budgets (even the small ones), creating code that I can then extend and maintain within my ongoing client relationship.

"offered suggestions on how to make it even better without needing to invest more money"

I have known of Dan and his WordPress expertise for sometime and recently had need to use him to fix up some issues with my own website.

Not only did he do exactly that but did it quickly, to budget, but even more impressively thought about the implications, and offered suggestions on how to make it even better without needing to invest more money.

We all come at these situations with our own awareness and sometimes it hinders us as we only see what we can, what our own experience has given us and just like I do with users on LinkedIn Dan helped with his depth of experience on WordPress to come up with some great suggestions and ideas to move the website further forwards.

Thanks Dan.

"his knowledge about what works marketing-wise, is priceless..."

Since Dan re-worked our original site back a few years ago, I've been able to benefit from his advice and expertise as we've grown and developed more websites.

His knowledge base just doesn’t cover the techie stuff (although he even makes that easy to understand too) but his knowledge about what works marketing-wise, is priceless. It's really easy to outsource to Dan, as he understands what you want, and what you NEED for your business... which lets me get on with the important task of creating content to upload.