Making Your Website Work

Have you ever tried to share a link (to your website) on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and been frustrated by a badly cropped image that shows up in the preview? Yes? In this article, I’ll explain how you can choose exactly what image to show when you share a link to your website on the big three social networks. The good news? It’s really easy…

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As a switched on business owner, you know that testimonials help build trust and credibility with your prospects… and that’s why you ask for them routinely… (you do, don’t you??). However, you can really improve the quality of a testimonial with a few simple design adjustments on your website, and I’m going to show you … Read more

This article is all about showing business owners like you that it’s very much worthwhile having a SSL certificate for your website, so that your website works over HTTPS rather than HTTP. Fundamentally it’s all about security, but as you’ll see, there are other tangible benefits to your business too. A quick word on jargon … Read more

Like many things in business, there are often too many choices on what software and tools to use. As business owners, we get a little sucked into the hype and excitement of the latest products, just because they’re new, rather than knowing if they are actually suitable for what we need. In this article, I … Read more