How much do you charge and how do you price your work?

When you get in touch with us about a new project, the first thing we’ll do is take the time to understand what you’re looking for and provide you with a fixed price quote. Your quote will include: the details of your project and what’s included, the time frame, what to expect from the process, and what lies outside the scope of your project.

It’s very difficult for us to predict a price without understanding your individual business needs, but we can give you a basic idea of what to expect. A typical custom designed brand new website will cost approximately £4,000 + VAT. If your site needs very specific customisations, this cost could be up to £10,000 + VAT, but this is unusual.

If you want to add new functionality to an existing website, custom software can cost anything in the range of £1,000 +VAT to £10,000 + VAT.

If your site is generally working, but has some small niggles and problems that need to be tidied up, the price will be from £1,500 +VAT.

For businesses who would like us to support an existing website, we offer monthly support packages that vary in cost depending on the amount of maintenance and support your specific site needs. Feel free to get in touch with us for a price that is more specific to your project.

Disclaimer: if you’re looking for a cheap fix, you’re in the wrong place.

Every website we work on is treated as if it were our own, and we ensure that your site receives all of the TLC it deserves. The quality of our services mean that we develop long term relationships with the majority of our clients.

Unfortunately, we find that lots of customers who initially opt to work with a cheaper provider, end up returning to us once their developer has let them down or caused problems with their site.

We compete on quality, not quantity, and we specialise in providing each of our customers with exceptional and proactive service.