What’s the best WordPress web hosting?

With so many web hosting companies out there, it’s impossible to have an opinion on all of them. There are two hosting companies that I really like for WordPress hosting.

Our top recommendations:

Cheap but good: TSO Host – as they’re inexpensive, but they offer excellent support, fast hosting, and they offer SSL certificates for free using Let’s Encrypt. So this means you can get HTTPS support for your website for very little indeed. They’re not optimised for WordPress websites as such, but their platform is very good. If your website is really important for generating leads, then I’d recommend something that’s much faster, like FlyWheel below.

Professional and Fast: FlyWheel – these guys offer dedicated WordPress hosting, it’s performance-enhanced (so it’s very fast), they offer special daily backups for free (similar to what VaultPress does), they offer staging support on higher-end packages (this allows you to test things without breaking your main website), and it has automatic security scanning built-in to detect hacks (they actually use Sucuri’s system to power their security scanning). Ideal for business use.

I really like FlyWheel because they essentially give you SSL, security scanning, and VaultPress backups, as well as optimised WordPress hosting with a single monthly web hosting fee that’s only slightly more expensive than the average price for good quality web hosting with other providers (who don’t provide the same capabilities).


Other Options worth considering

Professional and Fast: WPEngine – I’d say this is the next level up in technical sophistication for WordPress websites compared to Flywheel, but I’m not a fan of their overage charges (extra fees for going over their limits). Their backups, staging platform and customer service is excellent, so it’s well worth a look.