What’s the difference between a web developer and a web designer?

A web designer tends to be more visual. They’re very good at creating a great design, but often have little to no programming ability. 


On the other hand, a web developer is primarily focused on programming. A web developer may have some design ability, but typically, they are more code focused.


At WP Doctors, we are first and foremost web developers. We do have some design skills, but rather than compromise on quality, we partner with graphic designers to ensure our clients receive the best of both design and development.


Sometimes, you’ll find web designers who also dabble in web development. One of the pitfalls of a web developer who is primarily a web designer, is that they often won’t be very technical. Instead, they’ll use lots of site builder themes and plugins to create a website. By trying to make do with these off the shelf solutions, your website will be very slow, and will be difficult to manage in terms of adding content.


Instead of using ‘ready made’ software, at WP Doctors, we create themes from scratch, and write the specific code needed to do the required job. The benefit of this approach is that we will only include what our clients need, and nothing more, making it significantly faster that pre-made solutions. Creating code from scratch is also more cost effective, as it won’t need constant updating. 


By having the ability to write code that is specific to each of our client’s needs, we can ensure you receive the best possible service and your website runs as quickly and efficiently as possible.