Who ‘owns’ the hosting for WordPress websites we create?

With all of our clients, we recommend that you own (i.e. you pay for) and control your own web hosting. This is so that you have complete control at all times, and you have complete control on who is able to access your website control panel.

That means you can then give us access to your website for the work that you’d like us to complete.

Some developers and agencies insist that you host your website with them so that they have control. They usually do this with the best of intentions (to protect you from the technical elements that you’d rather not deal with). And usually your developer has web hosting that they know and trust to use for your website.

However, it can create awkward situations if you have a disagreement with your web developer. This is where you might end up feeling held to ransom or trapped. This is rare, but it does happen. This doesn’t happen with us, but we like our clients to feel they have complete control regardlesss.

We can guide you through setting up or managing your hosting. When you give us access to your control panel, we can then upload changes and set things up for you. We prefer to give our clients peace of mind by knowing that they have complete control.

That said, if you’d prefer that we provide your hosting for you, we can absolutely do that too. Some of our clients prefer NOT having control!