WordPress Backups for Business – what’s the best solution?

One of the most common assumptions that a business owner will make about backups is that their web hosting company or web developer is doing backups for them. Yes, they often are, but from my experience over the years, I’ve discovered that the backups are rarely complete or recent enough to be worthwhile. Often when a business owner goes to rely on a backup, something is broken or missing, and they’ve lost some critical information.

For business owners, not having decent website backups is extremely foolish, as invariably, your business will depend on your website. You can’t afford for your website to be down for more than 1-2 days at the very most.

This is why I always recommend creating a secondary backup (or at least a very robust primary backup).

There are some free and paid WordPress plugins that will create a copy of your WordPress website, but they actually store a copy of the backup on your web server. So if your website has been attacked, then the database and files could potentially have been compromised, including your backups.

The best solution is to have a daily backup that stores your files/data in a completely separate location, usually on a different server that’s protected. This is why I really like VaultPress. It’s designed for non-technical WordPress website owners, and they make it really easy to restore a backup. You can also get help restoring a backup if needed.

If you use a high quality web hosting service (read the hosting FAQ) such as FlyWheel, then you’ll get a similar type of robust backup system that VaultPress provides, but it’s all in the same place.