What technologies have we worked with?

It’s easiest to give a list of acronyms and product names here, as there have been quite a few different systems that we’ve worked with. Below includes a list of the systems that I’ve worked with

  • WordPress

    • WordPress (obviously!) – themes and plugins (creating from scratch and extending existing using hooks/filters)
    • WooCommerce – creating custom cart checkout functionality
    • Membership Plugins – e.g. Memberium, MemberPress
    • Training Tools – e.g. WP Courseware
  • CRMs (Customer Relation Manager tools)

    • Infusionsoft – using the Campaign Builder and interacting with their API
    • Active Campaign – all features, since we use this tool ourselves. Also interacting with their API
    • MailChimp – using automations and interacting with their API
    • AllClients – using their automation sequences and interacting with their API
  • Other Software Tools

    • GetDPD – using webhooks and their API
    • Acuity Scheduling – using their webhooks
    • Amazon – extracting live product data using their API
    • eBay – retrieving product listings and product data using their API
    • ChargeBee – using their webhooks and API to extract subscription and transaction information.
Dan Harrison

About Dan Harrison

Dan Harrison is a WordPress specialist and the lead developer at WP Doctors. Dan started working with WordPress all the way back in 2005 (when WordPress was only 2 years old!). Known as the WordPress Doctor, Dan often consults for other WordPress web developers when they get stuck.

As a techie, Dan writes themes and plugins from scratch, as well as writing all kinds of integrations between different systems (and WordPress).

If you'd like a chat with a Dan to see if he can help you with your project, then pop over to the contact page to either send an email or to schedule a 1:1 call with Dan.