Examples of what we can help you with…

Here you'll find lots of examples of what we've helped out clients, and what we could help YOU with...

WordPress Theme Updates

  • Adding website contact forms
  • Fix design issues with your website on mobile phones (as websites usually look different on phones)
  • Adding a Google Calendar to your website, for showing off regular meetings/classes that you offer.
  • Adding auto-playing videos to your website homepage with call-to-action buttons.


WordPress Updates and Fixes

  • Upgrading WordPress plugins (including tricky ones like WooCommerce)
  • Replacing broken WordPress plugins with better alternatives


WordPress Security Improvements

  • Setting up SSL (HTTPS certificates) to improve security
  • Setting up a protective website firewall with the Sucuri website firewall service.
  • Ensuring your website doesn’t have any vulnerable plugins or code that could lead to a hack
  • Adding technical anti-spam measures for your comments, web forms, and other targets for spam


WordPress Performance Improvements

  • Migrating your website to new faster hosting
  • Do speed enhancements to your website (caching, CDNs, identifying what’s causing slowdowns)
  • Updating your theme to use correct image sizes to speed up website loading
  • Adding automatic image compression tools to reduce the sizes of your images so that they load more quickly on your website
  • Implementing caching and CDNs (content delivery networks) to further boost the speed of your website


WordPress-based Membership Platforms

  • Setting up a membership platform for you, including security and billing tools.
  • Adding a training tool to your membership platform
  • Writing custom tools for generating custom reports for your membership platform.


Gravity Forms

  • Creating custom integrations from Gravity Forms to your CRM that doesn’t have an official add on.
  • Creating a multi-page survey form for your application process (e.g. for high ticket consulting, or job applications)


CRMs – Infusionsoft

  • Setting up a Campaign in Infusionsoft, and connecting it to a form on your website
  • Writing code to send data from 3rd party booking system into to Infusionsoft


CRMs – Active Campaign

  • Setting up contact forms on your website that add new prospects to your automated email campaign in Active Campaign.
  • Adding the contact details of leads who make appointments in Acuity Scheduling to automatically appear in Active Campaign


Technical Marketing Help

  • Set up tracking code (e.g. from Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc).
  • Resolving problems with tracking code from different platforms you’re using
  • Creating bespoke tracking for your leads and prospects
  • Setting up split testing on your website (such as testing your homepage)


Legal and Compliance Work

  • Cookie audits and setting up a simple cookie policy with CookieBot
  • Adding GDPR compliant consent and privacy messages to newsletter signup forms and contact forms (such as with Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7)


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