Ongoing Maintenance for WordPress Website

Designed for business owners who want to keep their website maintained and want occasional adjustments through the year.

As you know, a WordPress website needs some work to keep it in tip-top shape (particularly when it comes to backups and updating plugins). When you’re busy looking after everything else whilst running your business, it helps being able to delegate to someone else who can take care of the website.

To help you with this, we can offer you a very flexible ongoing maintenance package for WordPress Websites that includes only the options you need to maintain your business website. When we speak to you, we’ll work out which mix of services would suit you personally.

The 4 services we offer for ongoing maintenance…


Monitoring and Offsite Backups

Price: £10+VAT (£12 inc VAT) per month

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This is where we’ll keep watch on your website using automated monitoring tools, as well as doing a daily backup of your website using our backup suite. Our backup tools will copy your website to our services, so that if your website is damaged for any reason, we’ll have a full backup of your website.

We recommend using an off-site backup rather than using tools that store the backup on your server. That’s simply because if the server files are damaged, it’s likely your backup will be too. Even if your hosting company is doing daily backups, it’s distinctly worth having an extra daily backup if your website generates leads and sales for you.

If we discover that there’s an issue with your website, we’ll contact you to arrange making repairs.


Monthly plugin updates

Price: £37.50+VAT (£45 inc VAT) per month

In this service, we’ll keep your WordPress plugins updated to their latest version by checking your website each month and performing the updates. Some plugins cause conflicts and niggles when upgraded (such as social media plugins, performance plugins, and anything ecommerce related), so we’ll do what it takes to fix the issues caused by upgrading these plugins.

If you have any odd ‘status’ or ‘notification’ as a result of plugins being updated, we’ll translate these messages to non-techie for you. If necessary, we’ll do any changes or adjustments recommended by these notifications.


Ongoing Ad-Hoc Tweaks and Changes

Price: from £37.50+VAT (£45 inc VAT) per month (see development credits for details)

This is a flexible package where you can ask us to make changes to your website, help with your CRM systems (such as Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign) or get help and advice from Dan on an ongoing basis.

This service takes advantage of the very flexible credits system, where development time is rolled over each month and you can keep track of what work has been done.

Here are a few examples of work we’ve been asked to do very recently:

  • Adding new WordPress plugins
  • Updating the homepage to add a video section (where there wasn’t before)
  • Changing the colour scheme of the website
  • Creating an Infusionsoft campaign linked to your web forms
  • Creating a new newsletter signup form, and connecting it to Active Campaign.
  • Writing code to block spam bots from spamming your contact forms.

You can see a much longer list of things that we can help with here.


Business Grade WorkPress Hosting

Price: £15+VAT (£18 inc VAT) per month

Whilst we’d encourage you to look after your own hosting, we appreciate that some of our clients just like us to handle their website hosting. We can provide you with high quality hosting (optimised for WordPress websites) that includes:

  • High speed servers – designed specifically to ensure WordPress websites load quickly
  • Daily Backups – as standard, therefore you don’t need our daily backup service
  • Free HTTPS Support – this hosting provides free SSL certificates that cost around £60+VAT a year from some hosting companies
  • Powerful access control – meaning that you can easily access the website and control, as well as giving or revoking access to other people without having to share your username and password (this isn’t something you get with conventional hosting).


What Next?

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