Instant Quote Price Calculator

An easy-to-use calculator for website visitors with a super-simple interface for admins to update pricing.

Instant Quote Price Calculator

Our client Carole tasked us with creating an instant quote calculator for her Property Inventories and Inspections website. Having provided us with an outline of fields and a spreadsheet of the calculations, we set about creating a calculator for her website homepage. The calculator was created to blend with the existing website design, and has … Read more

Fancy Testimonials

This demo was created for the blog post called “Transforming A Dull Business Testimonial Into Something Special…“. The article goes into much more detail into why it’s worth creating a testimonial that really does ‘pop‘. To create this interactive demo, the code essentially adds more and more style information to the testimonial text. The way … Read more

Using Code to Create Images Dynamically

This fun demo shows how I can create code that creates a bespoke image using unpredictable information from a website visitor. Alternatively, this image could be created using data from an automated system such as a CRM tool (e.g. Infusionsoft), and embedded directly into an email!

Signature Maker

This tool uses a commercially licenced version of the Geovana Signature font to generate an image. This image can then be used in your web pages, landing pages and emails to create a realistic-looking handwritten signature. The image that’s been created is actually a transparent PNG image. The image will look best when used on … Read more