Having read the book “They Ask, You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan, the key to creating a successful knowledge base on your website is for you to write lots of articles that answer questions that your customers and prospects typically ask.

The big advantage of creating an FAQ or knowledge base using the “They Ask, You Answer” principles, is that it makes it really easy to create SEO-friendly content for your website that’s been shown to attract prospects.

By publishing these answers, you become seen as an honest expert, which helps build rapport with your website visitors before they even pick up the phone or send you an email.

Introducing our “Sapientia Knowledge Base” plugin for WordPress

Our new plugin for WordPress makes it really simple for you to create this knowledge base, but also gives you useful statistics and data on what’s going on with your articles and what’s being read.

This in turn helps you to add keywords to your content, therefore improving how many people find your content. You’ll also see which articles are the most popular, helping you to work out what topics to write more articles about.

All of these statistics are generated for you with zero effort. No need for Google Analytics. No third party tools, it’s all done for you.

The plugin is super-easy to use, and if you know how to use WordPress, you’ll find this plugin really simple to use too.

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For instructions and information on setting up the Sapientia Knowledge Base plugin, you can find setup details on the page below.