Bespoke WordPress Projects

Custom WordPress projects when you want something that's not off the shelf...

What is a ‘bespoke‘ WordPress Project?

Simply put, a project where we’re doing some custom development for you, and it’s more involved than just a couple of hours of work. Bespoke projects are where you need something unique to your business that can’t be provided by an off-the-shelf WordPress plugin or theme, and is bigger than what’s covered by our going tweaks packages.

Some projects can be very simple and take less than a day, some projects can be very large and are completed over several weeks. When we give you a quote for a bespoke project, we include an estimate of the time it will take to complete the project in addition to our fees for completing the work.

I’ve been developing projects with WordPress since 2005, which means I have plenty of experience with the technical side of WordPress. Rather than just hacking code into WordPress, we create well-engineered solutions for your website. This means our code is very stable, secure and doesn’t cause problems with other parts of your website.

Examples of bespoke projects:

  • Creating a brand new website based on WordPress
  • Making changes to your existing WordPress website, such as rebranding it with a new colour scheme and graphics
  • Creating a brand new plugin from scratch for you
  • Extending an existing plugin (such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Gravity Forms) so that it can do something special and unique
  • Creating an integration with your website and your CRM, such as passing customer data into your CRM automatically for your sales team to use.
  • (See more examples of work we’ve done here…)

Our process for implementing bespoke projects for you

As the process for a bespoke project is understandably more complex than a few code tweaks, we follow a simple process to ensure we’re developing something that you really need. This is the process that we follow when delivering a bespoke project.

What do bespoke projects cost?

The short answer to this question is ‘it depends‘. This is why we go through the process of gathering your requirements and giving you a bespoke quote.

To give you an idea of price ranges, here are some ballpark ranges to help. Please do appreciate these are just guides, and your bespoke quote may be higher or lower than the estimates below.

  • Extending an existing WordPress plugin with custom functionality – between £450+VAT to £1,500+VAT (complexity is a factor)
  • Creating a WordPress plugin with bespoke functionality – from £1,000+VAT (complexity and functionality are the main factors for obvious reasons)
  • Rebranding an existing WordPress website – between £750+VAT to £2,500+VAT (complexity of the website and number of templates is a factor)
  • Creating a custom integration with a CRM system – between £450+VAT to £2,500+VAT (complexity and amount of data to syncronise is a factor)

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