Let us create your NEW expert website

Creating a website engineered specifically to generate leads for you

I suspect that you’ve created your own website before, or had one created for you, and it was a real challenge to know where to start? And once you’ve created it, how you make sure it’s optimised correctly too?

Do you find that it’s difficult to know what to create, what to say, and how to structure your website?

You already know that a ‘pretty’ website isn’t enough to encourage prospects to contact you, particularly if the ‘pretty’ website introduces completely new concepts that confuses visitors when they visit your website, so they just end up leaving. Of course a website needs to look good, but it also needs to serve two purposes:

  1. To help visitors find the information they’re looking for on your website (i.e. can you solve THEIR problem, or not?)
  2. To help ensure that the right visitors are able to contact you as a prospect, or they join your ‘list’ as a potential prospect for the future.

Then there’s the challenge of showing visitors just how skilled you are, and that you’re an expert, without you constantly saying “Roll up, roll up!! I’m an expert, I’m an expert!!”. How do you show off, without bragging TOO much or coming across as being arrogant and unapproachable?

How do you create a website that your team can keep updated for the business, yet robust enough so that they can’t break the website? How do you make it easy for your team to update pages, create landing pages, or write blog articles for you?

How do you create a website that’s structured correctly that it’s search engine friendly, loads quickly to please Google’s love of fast websites, and secure too?

And finally there’s the challenge of how you actually capture leads, what you do with them, and how you utilise automation to save you (and your team) lots of time and money. Do you offer lead magnets? If so, what needs setting up? How do you connect CRM databases to your website too?

Let us create your expert website that actually works…

The trouble with using developers who promise to deliver a website for you for a few hundred pounds is that they don’t have the skills to help you with speed, structure, automation and how you present content. Don’t get me wrong, these developers often a great eye for design, but as many of our clients have found in the past, it’s a false economy, since you usually need to spend more money to fix mistakes caused by cheap developers.

That’s why we want to help you get it right the first time.

We’ve got a tried and tested website structure that’s easy for website visitors to use and generates leads. We don’t reinvent the wheel every time.

We have our own unique and powerful framework that creates the basis for your website, where we customise the design to the style of you and your business.

Your website will:

Freedom from perfection:

Whilst you might not want to do everything on your website to begin with, we can ensure you have the right website structure so that you can add what you need at a later stage.

That’s how most of our clients work, knowing they can add new content and functionality to their websites at any stage (and ask for our help if they need it).

  • Be based on the WordPress platform, using our powerful and bespoke theme framework.
  • Your design will automatically look great on mobile devices, whilst being fast-loading
  • Be hosted on your own web hosting (but we can make recommendations of where you can host your website)
  • Structured using a simple and easy website structure, taking advantage of internal linking to help visitors find the right pages on your website.
  • Set up with SSL (HTTPS) from the outset, so that you see the ‘Secure’ message in web browsers such as Google’s Chrome.
  • Have an easy-to-use testimonials tool so that you can show off your testimonials to your website visitors.
  • Have lead capture forms to capture the details of prospects, automatically sending the details to you via email and to your CRM system
  • Be easy to update using our custom interfaces that allows you to change settings and update complex bits of the website without needing any code.

You can also choose to have:

  • A case study gallery, where you can easily create articles as case studies. If you have lots of case studies, we can show them off using several filters, similar to those you see when looking on an ecommerce website.
  • A frequently asked questions knowledgebase (FAQs) to answer common questions that your visitors have. This also helps with the search engines, as it provides rich opportunity to answer questions that your prospects search for.
  • Our recommendations for software for creating your own landing pages for marketing campaigns.
  • Custom code written to help you showcase examples or technology that you have so that you can go the extra mile to demonstrate your expertise.

We’ll help you decide what content to create

Throughout the project, we’ll guide you with what content to create and where you can put that content to give your prospects the very best impression and encourage them to contact you.

Interested? Start here…

The first place to begin is to schedule a call with Dan. Tell us about what you’ve got in mind, we’ll share some ideas with you, and find out if we’re the right team to help you.

Pop your details in the form below, and one of the team will arrange a call with you and Dan. Alternatively, please feel free to book a call into Dan’s diary directly by clicking on this link (opens in a new window).