Development Credits

Learn about our WordPress development credits - designed specifically for business owners...

Designed specifically for business owners who have lots of smaller projects throughout the year, these Development Credits allow you to easily get all of those niggles and new features added to your WordPress website and CRM without needing to go through the slower formal quote and approval process. When you have something that needs doing, you simply send me a quick email with what needs doing, we have a quick discussion if needed, and then I get the work sorted for you.

These credits mean that you get priority access to me, and the changes you’ve requested will usually be completed within 3 working days or less. When you request some work to be done, I’ll give you an ETA on when the work will be completed, and then update you daily until the work is all finished. I’ll then incorporate any adjustments you have and get those sorted too.

How does it work?

  • Monthly credits – you can purchase between 1-4 hours of development time a month.
  • What the time can be used for – it can be used for web development, help with CRMs (Infusionsoft or Active Campaign), or just technical consulting time on the phone (there are more ideas listed below).
  • How is time deducted? When we do some work for you, your time is tracked to the nearest minute, and deducted from your credit balance once the work has been completed. Before work is started, I’ll give you an estimate of how many minutes it’ll take to do the work. Then you can choose if the work goes ahead.
  • How long do the credits last? The credits last for 12 months. So if you buy 1 hour of credits in month 1, then those credits can be used at any time within the next 12 months.

  • Credits are used up oldest first. For example, if you had 1 hour of credits in February, another in March, and another in April, you have a total of 3 hours of credits. Then, in April, you used 2 hours worth, you’d have 1 hour left. The February and March credits would have been used up first, giving you 12 months to use up April’s credit.
  • There’s no contract. It’s just 14 days notice to cancel, and you can upgrade or downgrade to a different level at any time.
  • Surplus credits – If you build up a surplus of credits, then you’re welcome to pause your monthly billing for a while to give you more time to use up your credits.
  • Use credits for bigger projects – If you’ve got a bigger project you’d like us to work on, then you can redeem your credits against any bigger project you’ve asked us to work on for you.


60 mins of credits
£150+VAT per month
Use for development time, technical consulting, CRM help
Rollover of credits for up to 12 months
No contract

120 mins of credits
£280+VAT per month
(saving £10+VAT per hour)
Use for development time, technical consulting, CRM help
Rollover of credits for up to 12 months
No contract

180 mins of credits
£390+VAT per month
(saving £20+VAT per hour)
Use for development time, technical consulting, CRM help
Rollover of credits for up to 12 months
No contract

How to get your credits…

Please get in touch with Dan via the contact page, and we can then set up an automated monthly payment using a debit or credit card.

Typical tasks that you could ask us to do for you…

Help with your CRM

  • Setting up Automations in MailChimp or Active Campaign
  • Setting up Campaigns in Infusionsoft
  • Writing code to send data from a payment system to Infusionsoft

Technical Marketing Help

  • Resolving problems with tracking code from different platforms you’re using
  • Creating bespoke tracking for your leads and prospects
  • Brainstorm a marketing plan you have to get some help working out what’s possible (or not)

WordPress Updates

  • Set up tracking code (e.g. from Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc).
  • Do speed enhancements to your website (caching, CDNs, identifying what’s causing slowdowns)
  • Adding website contact forms
  • Upgrading WordPress plugins (including tricky ones like WooCommerce)
  • Setting up SSL (HTTPS certificates) to improve security
  • Migrating your website to new faster hosting
  • Setting up split testing on your website (such as testing your homepage)
  • Fix issues with your website on mobile phones
  • Extending your WordPress theme to incorporate some new design ideas you’ve had
  • Extending a WordPress plugin to add some bespoke functionality

WordPress-based Membership Platforms

  • Setting up a membership platform for you
  • Adding a training tool to your membership platform
  • Writing custom reports and tools for your membership platform.


Do you have any questions? Want to get your credits sorted? Then please do get in touch (just click the button below to get all of my contact details).