Up-Level Your Existing Website

Build on the website you have by adding new functionality and features to capture leads.

When you have a website that you’re already happy with and its fundamentally a sound website, then there’s no need to create something new.

The vast majority of the time, we can work with your existing website, and up-level it to add lots of functionality that would make it an expert-grade website. We blend new functionality into your existing website style and branding. When needed, we’ll ask our designer to get involved to make sure the new functionality looks great on your website.

Sometimes you’ve realised you really like the basic style of your website, and you’ve cracked the structure and content of your website, but you just want a refresh of the WordPress theme and how your content is presented. Yep, we can make that happen for you too.

Examples of things your WordPress website could have:

  • A testimonial gallery. Using our easy-to-use bespoke testimonial tool, you can showcase testimonials from your clients and customers.
  • A case study gallery, where you can easily create articles as case studies. If you have lots of case studies, we can show them off using several filters, similar to those you see when looking on an ecommerce website. A frequently asked questions knowledgebase (FAQs) to answer common questions that your visitors have. This also helps with the search engines, as it provides rich opportunity to answer questions that your prospects search for.
  • Adding new calls-to-actions around your website, which link to key parts of your website, including landing pages.
  • Redesigning your homepage (or any other page) so that visitors can find important content on your website really easily.
  • A landing page tool so that you and your team can create your own landing pages to help with generating leads in your business. If you’d prefer, we can help you design and create those landing pages for you and your team to maintain and update.
  • Using split testing technology to help you test and improve key landing pages, so that you can see what improvements on your website result in increased leads.

Interested? Start here…

The first place to begin is to schedule a call with Dan. Tell us about what you’ve got in mind, we’ll share some ideas with you, and find out if we’re the right team to help you.

Pop your details in the form below, and one of the team will arrange a call with you and Dan. Alternatively, please feel free to book a call into Dan’s diary directly by clicking on this link (opens in a new window).