About WP Doctors, and why we work with expert business owners

Why We Help Experts

Over the years, we’ve been lucky to work with a number of very interesting businesses. In particular, we love working with experts. Experts always have skills and attributes that make them special and unique, and that makes them really interesting clients to work with.

Always talented and highly skilled in what they do, we’ve found that experts would much prefer to do what they do best, and not spend their time doing anything technical on their website (usually because it takes them a long time, or because they are worried about breaking something).

Experts have businesses that offer something interesting that really help their clients solve a problem, and we enjoy solving the problems that our expert clients have with their website. Blending a mixture of business experience, marketing knowhow and technical skills, we love to come up with creative ideas to questions that start with “…I want to do _____, is that possible?”.

From working with clients, we’ve discovered that other agencies or developers typically have really good technical skills, but very little (direct-response) marketing knowledge or business experience. That has meant the client had previously ended up with a solution that works, but wasn’t right for what they were trying to do.

We know that experts need reliable websites that they or their staff can update safely without fear of breaking anything. We know that experts need someone technical on their team that they can rely on to keep their website running smoothly and generating leads for them. And we know that experts want websites that generate a stream of surplus leads from their marketing, so that they can raise their prices with ease.

We’re a lean web development agency with substantial experience in the WordPress platform, and we help business owners position their businesses as expert businesses, showcasing their expertise so that they can build their list and generate leads.

How It All Started

Dan began tinkering with WordPress back in 2005, when it was only a couple of years old. The WordPress platform has obviously become a much more significant platform for websites in the years since then. Dan began offering freelance WordPress development help to businesses in 2010. When he realised that there was significant demand for WordPress-specific help, he created the brand WP Doctors (or WordPress Doctors) to specifically look after businesses that needed technical help, creating themes, plugins or solving problems with their WordPress websites.

As time has moved on, Dan discovered that there was a pattern emerging among the clients he was working with; these clients have businesses with similar attributes and had similar needs from their website.

Namely these are service-based businesses who wanted to show prospects just how good they are, and want their websites to work with their marketing (such as paid adverts, email marketing newsletters, and flyers).

These businesses wanted someone who understood direct-response marketing to help them create a website, landing pages and other marketing assets that tracked and captured leads. Those leads would then be pushed into their CRM tool (like Keap/Infusionsoft, Active Campaign) automatically, ready for one of their team to handle the sales conversations.

What is ‘Direct Response Marketing'?

Direct response marketing is a type of sales technique designed to evoke an on-the-spot response and encourage a prospective customer to take action by opting in to an advertiser’s offer. Unlike other marketing types, the direct response requires little or no time waiting to see measurable results. (Definition Credit).

An example of this type of marketing would be achieved using Facebook Ads or Google Adwords with a landing page that collects a name and email address to deliver a lead magnet.

Understanding this, in 2019, we decided that the brand name ‘Customers On Tap‘ was a far more accurate description of what clients are trying to achieve, and that the original brand ‘WP Doctors’ no longer hit the spot.

Whilst the ‘Customers On Tap’ brand had been used for a few years as the overall company name, it wasn’t until 2019 that we felt that it was time to move from ‘WP Doctors’ to ‘Customers On Tap’ as the core brand.

Rather than just being a ‘WordPress specialist’ development agency, we’ve evolved to specialise even further.

And that’s why we now specialise in helping businesses position themselves as the experts in their field with fast-loading websites that capture leads.

About The Team

Dan Harrison

Director and Lead Developer

My journey with WordPress began around 2005, shortly after I completed my MEng Computer Science degree from the University of Southampton. I was tinkering with websites when I discovered WordPress as a platform for creating them. Having created my first blog with WordPress, I was customising the theme to give my website a unique feel (and to stand out from other websites). As time went on, I was becoming more adventurous, writing custom WordPress plugins and themes from scratch.

In 2010, I began freelancing, by offering WordPress development services to anyone wanting help, advice and ideas for their WordPress website. It was from this freelancing work that I formed WP Doctors as a company, which then evolved to become Customers On Tap. I love using my technical abilities to solve problems for our clients, and being someone clients can rely on to solve technical headaches they encounter.

I work hard to balance the business with time with my family, particularly making sure I have the time to spend with my son and my partner. I’m known for my love of chocolate, but I also love to cook for friends, renovate my home, tick things off my bucket list and go salsa dancing.
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