A little about Dan Harrison, and where WP Doctors came from...

Well, if you’ve not guessed already, my name is Dan Harrison and I’m a web developer specialising in WordPress and marketing automation for small business owners. I’m also renown for my love of chocolate!

Whilst I have a MEng in Computer Science from the University of Southampton, my journey with WordPress begin in 2005 after I finished my studies. It was a time when I was tinkering with creating hobby websites, when I first discovered WordPress as a ‘content management system’ – i.e. a base for a website where you add content and pages.

Having created my first blog with WordPress, I was customising the theme to give my website a unique feel (and to stand out from other websites). As time went on, I was becoming more adventurous, writing custom WordPress plugins and themes from scratch.

Starting as a WordPress freelancer…

In 2010, I began freelancing, by offering WordPress development services to anyone wanting help, advice and ideas for their WordPress website. It was from this freelancing work that I formed WP Doctors as a company, where I was creating WordPress themes and plugins for business owners.

Over the years, I’ve been asked more and more to integrate WordPress with payment and CRM platforms using their APIs (an API is essentially a standard set of rules for communicating with another system). This has led to lots of experience working with many different systems to solve both simple and complex business challenges that I’ve been asked to tackle. (You can see on the FAQ page some of the technologies I’ve worked with).

I now work with business owners who want to draw on my marketing and business experience, along with my technical skillset, to help create solutions for their WordPress website and marketing automation that allows them to focus on their business, rather than being held back by technology.

Why do I do this?

Quite honestly, I love technical work and solving problems. I get a real buzz using code to automate tasks and make life easier for my clients.

Even when creating a bespoke WordPress theme, whilst not complex, I add technology to ensure that the pages load as quickly as possible, taking advantage of every speed enhancement at my disposal. I’ll often add custom option panels too, which removes the need for my clients to write any code when they update the website.

I’ve crafted the business to be flexible for me and my clients. I’m usually working from home so that I’m able to work around my son Ethan, giving me quality time with him, whilst not compromising on the business. When not spending time with my son, I love ticking things off my bucket list, many of which include travel to new countries!

Connecting with me…

Want to get in touch via Facebook or LinkedIn…? Sure!