Getting Started

Instructions on how to setup and install the Sapientia Knowledge Base plugin for WordPress

Here you can find out how to install the Sapientia Knowledge Base plugin on your WordPress website.


Step A – Install the plugin

1) Go to your Plugins in WordPress, and look for the “Add New” button at the top.


2) Click on the “Upload Plugin” button, and then upload your plugin using the upload box, clicking on the “Install Now” button.


3) Once uploaded, click on the “Activate Plugin” button.


4) Then you need to “Update Permalinks“.

In the main menu find “Settings” and then “Permalinks” and then click on the button that says “Save Changes” (without making any changes).


Step B – Add your licence key

1) Go to “Sapientia KB” in the admin menu and then click on “Licence Key“.


2) Copy and paste your licence key into the “Your Licence Key” box and click on “Save Licence Key“.


Step C – Configure the plugin

1) In the admin menu, go to “Pages” and “Add New” to create the main knowledge base page.


2) For your new page, give it a title, this can be anything you like. In this example, it’s “Knowledgebase and FAQ“, then click on the “Edit” button next to the blue URL (which appears after a few seconds.


3) You’ll need to change this bit of the URL to “knowledgebase” (all lower case). This is so that the article URLs match up with the rest of the website.


4) Then to the main content of the page, add the code [skb_knowledgebase] to the “Text” tab of the content editor. (If you have one, you might want to use a full width template like I’ve done). And the click on “Publish” when done.


5) Go to the plugin settings “Sapientia KB” in the admin menu and then click on “Settings“.


6) Under “General Options“, choose the “Main Knowledgebase Page” to match the page that you’ve just created previously (in this example, it’s “Knowledgebase and FAQ“).


7) Under “Design“, choose the background colour to match your main website branding colour. And then choose a text colour that contrasts with this. In my example, I have white text that appears on a blue background. (You can experiment and change these later).

Once this has been done, click on “Save All Settings“.


Step D – Create your first article

1) Click on “Add New Article” in the “Sapientia KB” menu.


2) Create an article title, select a category, a featured image (which needs to be at least 1200px x 630px to look good on social media), and then write the article content. You can add videos, images and text like you would normally for WordPress. Then click on “Publish” when you’re done!


Step E – View your knowledge base…

In the menu, click on the “View Knowledgebase” menu item.