Do you use site builders like WP Bakery, BeaverBuilder and Elementor?

Not usually. We don’t use site builders unless a client asks for them directly. Even though it’s easy to get excited about using site builders to make your website look really attractive, there are two main reasons we try to avoid site builders wherever possible.


The first reason is speed. Adding additional elements to your website can cause it to slow down really quickly, and there’s no point in having a snazzy site if it takes too long to load. We never want your website to become style over substance.


The second reason is to do with the problems that may arise from using site builders. The more little pieces that are added to a website, the more likely your site is to develop issues that will need fixing. 


There are certain situations where site builders can be useful. For example, if you want to customise a landing page yourself, site builders can come in handy. But generally, we will create custom templates for you that will match the design of your website. These custom templates will be completely optimised for speed, and will help you make your site as fast as possible.