A massive list of Lead Magnet Ideas – for Business Owners…

When I’m speaking to business owners about crafting even the most basic of marketing funnels, there’s a very import aspect that constantly gets in the way. For many businesses, particularly businesses that offer a service, a handful of great quality lead magnets is essential. A lead magnet is what captures the attention of a prospect, and convinces them to trade their contact details for your lead magnet, so that you can build your list.

However, coming up with a GREAT idea for YOUR lead magnet is tricky. So I’ve brainstormed 54 Lead Magnet ideas that you can swipe and deploy to use in your business. These ideas are grouped by business type, helping you to see how they could be used for a real business.


54 Lead Magnet Types

Before we get to the examples, what does a Lead Magnet look like? You’re probably used to the stereotypical PDF eBook lead magnet (which done well, still works just fine). However, you can also create:

  • A live training webinar
  • A pre-recorded training webinar
  • A video series
  • A downloadable software tool (e.g. a WordPress plugin)
  • A template (e.g. spreadsheets, images, fill-in-the-blank documents)
  • A printable reference card or cheatsheet
  • A useful (PDF) eBook


Lead magnets should be:

  • interesting
  • useful (e.g. solving a problem)
  • quick or easy to consume
  • … did I mention interesting? (Whitepapers are NOT interesting!)

Lead Magnets usually work best in businesses where you offer a service, even more so when it’s a high value/cost service. (For businesses that sell low cost physical products, things are usually little different).

On to the ideas… these ideas could be any of the lead magnet types listed above… remember, different prospects like content in different formats!


Lead Magnet Ideas – for you to swipe and deploy

When reading each of these ideas, just think about the target prospect and WHY they might find that lead magnet interesting…

• Virtual Assistants (VAs)

  1. “107 Projects You Can Outsource To A VA”
  2. “How To Outsource Your First Project (For Control Freaks)”
  3. “How To Set Up Your Email and Phone So That Someone Else Can Manage It For You”

• Accountants

  1. “The 3-Tier Pricing Formula – How To Make More Profit From Your Existing Product Or Service”
  2. “Your Essential Numbers In 20 Minutes – The Numbers You Need To Know To Maximise Your Take-home Cash”
  3. “An Introduction To Tax – For Brand New Businesses And Startups”

• Business Growth Coach

  1. “The 5-Step Framework For Crafting The Perfect Lifestyle Business”
  2. “How To Craft A Business Where You Work Just 3 Days A Week”
  3. “How To Hire Your First Ever Employee (And Not Get Sued)”

• Estate Agents

  1. “Improve The Value Of Your Home With Just £1000”
  2. “How To Maximise The Value Of Your Home In [name of town]”
  3. “How To Sell Your Home In 6 Months Or Less”

• Child Behaviour Expert

  1. “32 Things You Think Are Weird, But Are 100% Normal For Kids”
  2. “3 Ways To Encourage Good Behaviour For 2 Year Olds”
  3. “How To Tell A Child Off… Properly…”

• Personal Confidence Coach

  1. “The 2 Minute Guide On Handling Difficult Colleagues At Work”
  2. “Your Daily Confidence Challenge – Boost Your Confidence In Just 1 Minute Per Day”
  3. “5 Easy Conversation Starers – How To Talk To Someone New (And NOT Mess It Up)”

• Personal Trainer

  1. “Run A Mile Within 10 Weeks (Even If You Haven’t Been Running In Years)”
  2. “A Healthy Breakfast, Lunch And Snack Menu For Lazy Office Workers”
  3. “3 Easy Snacks You Can Make On Sunday For The Week Ahead”

• Osteopaths & Chiropractors

  1. “7 Strategies For Avoiding Back Pain When You’re Doing The Gardening”
  2. “5 Lunchtime Stretches For People With Stiff Backs”
  3. “Easy 4-Step Guide For Reducing Pain When You ‘Pull’ Your Back”

• Relationship Coach

  1. “6 Fun Date Ideas For Busy Couples In Their 40s”
  2. “3 Ways To Communicate Without Starting An Argument”
  3. “The 1 Minute Exercise For Couples To Improve The Way They Communicate”

• Business Process Consulting and Training

  1. “3 Fill-in-the-blank Processes You Can Use To Train A New Employee”
  2. “3 Example Processes That Saved These Businesses 13 Hours Per Week”
  3. “The 3 Easy Processes You Can Swipe To Save You 2 Hours A Week”

• Business Productivity Coach

  1. “Printable Motivation Guide – To Read When You’re Feeling Demotivated”
  2. “An Example Productive Weekly Plan For Business Owners”
  3. “How To Be Productive In Just 10 Minutes A Day”

• IT Consultants

  1. “How To Safely And Properly Backup Your Office Documents In 30 Minutes Or Less”
  2. “5 Really Boring Pieces of IT Technology That Will Save Your Business A Fortune”
  3. “IT Guy Translation Guide – What they Say And What They Mean”

• Sales Trainer

  1. “How To Build Rapport With A Prospect In 5 Minutes Or Less”
  2. “2 Minute Guide To Being A Better Salesperson “
  3. “An Example Sales Script For Selling To A Hot Lead…”

• Builder

  1. “Checklist – What Decisions You Need To Make For Your New Extension”
  2. “Easy 5 Minute Guide To Building A New Extension”
  3. “27 Things You Can Do To Your Home Without Needing Planning Permission”

• Photographer

  1. “21 Ideas For A Fun & Unique Family Photo…”
  2. “51 Ideas For Photos Of Children As They Grow Up”
  3. “6 Tricks For Overcoming The Fear Of Having Your Photo Taken”

• Social Media Trainer and Consultant

  1. “Social Media – What’s Hot And What’s NOT in [year]”
  2. “How To Use Facebook For Your Business – In Just 10 Minutes A Day”
  3. “6 Interesting Content Ideas For You To Post On [Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn]”

• Recruitment Consultant or CV Consultant

  1. “The Pre-Interview Checklist (What To Do The Day Before Your Interview)”
  2. “How To Craft Your CV in [year]”
  3. “How To Check Your Social Media Profiles That Might Stop You From Getting That Job Offer”

• Customer Experience Design Consultancy

  1. “The One PROVEN tweak you can make to your customer experience that DOUBLES the chance that customer will buy again…”
  2. “Step By Step – See How This [Business Type] was transformed from Ordinary to Extraordinary…”
  3. “8 Real-Life Examples Where An Amazing Customer Experience Boosted ROI For A Small Business…”


Want more ideas?

Send me an email, and let me know your business. I’ll then update this list with some ideas.

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